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Our Philosophy

At Supreme Kids Academy each child is a unique and valued member of their class. The culture and beliefs of each child are considered and appreciated within the classroom.



Supreme Kids Academy is a learning environment incorporating different philosophies of teaching individualized for each child as they develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.



Our Children learn through play, hands-on experience, taking risks, and celebrating success. All aspects of a child’s development are equally important and interwoven.



At SKA we believe children who are encouraged to think for themselves are more likely to be independent learners. Parents are the first educators of children and play a vital role in their child’s learning.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their full potential.  We strongly feel that learning is a natural process for children. Education is acquired by experiences that each child encounter within their learning environment. Our goal is to create interactive classroom environments for children to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our Programs

Baby Boy
Toddler 18-36 Months

The environment of the SKA Toddler Program encourages freedom of movement to facilitate learning through active play, building skills in sensory and perception, self-help, language, physical and motor skills, social and emotional growth.

Little Girl in a Restaurant
Preschool 2-4 Years 

Your child’s preschool program embraces the joy of learning and uses research-based principles as the cornerstone of instruction. Your child receives a fun daily routine that develops key social skills and interactions that build a strong foundation for meeting future academic challenges. The curriculum will include language arts, rotation schedule and music appreciation.

Smiling Girl
Pre-K  4-5 Years

The Pre-Kindergarten program will give your child a head start in school, give them a safe, secure, and amazing place to learn, and  they will be learning from teaching methods by educators who love to make learning fun. This curriculum will include foreign language, Reading readiness, and music.

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